I live in a small community and own a home that has an upstairs apartment. Rather than deal with any tenants, I have a rental company that takes care of the place. They find a new tenant whenever someone moves out, collect the rent and deal with any maintenance issues. I chose a particular agency because they are discreet, and none of the tenants have ever known that I was the owner.

Renting out part of a home can be difficult, but I thought I had done a good job. There were never any issues until the current tenant, and it seems as if he is determined to irritate me. He has a rather large dog, but the rental agent let him know there is a good-sized area in back that is fenced for his dog’s needs. She also informed him, as part of the lease, that he must follow all local leash laws.

This has worked out well in the past, and neither of us saw any issues with this tenant or the dog. Unfortunately, the tenant seems to have some sort of issue with forcing his dog on people. He approached me the week after moving in, and he insisted I pet his dog. When I refused, he dropped the leash to show me the dog was harmless. I walked away, but he began waiting for me to come home and telling the dog to get me.

I know the dog was not at fault, but this was too much. I called the local police office, and they sent an officer to speak with the tenant. He called the rental agent and told her to evict me for being unfriendly. When she confirmed the situation with the police, she sent him an eviction notice for breaking his lease. I am sure we will be going to court over this issue, and I’m looking forward to his expression when he finds out I’m his landlord.